Saturday, 12 May 2012


There is ONE chair in our house that's REALLY COMFY.  
(This one).
Mum has already WARNED me that she wants to sit down in a minute and RELAX "In the chair."
So I'll have to move. 
Groan. Which is a shame, but I have an idea.
I THROW the remote control
out of the window and it into the garden. Now at least Mum won't be able to change the channel for a while. (RESULT!)

Trouble is...
Mum spots the remote control landing in the flower bed. She says I BETTER find it FAST. Then sends me out to get it. Which takes AGES! 
When I FINALLY get back to the CHAIR. 
Mum looks like this...

Which is a bit of a SHOCK!
She says. 
"I'm relaxing."

Speaking of RELAXING. Check out the Otter.