Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm BISCUITS!


for the biscuits I made in 

My biscuit...gone.
Mr. Fullerman took the 
class. It was pretty eventful.

1. Norman managed to sneak eat
five spoonfuls of SUGAR
before we'd even started.
 Mr. Fullerman got suspicious when
he began dancing with a wooden spoon (the sugar got moved.)

2. Then Julia Morton couldn't find the sugar, 
so she  added SALT to her biscuits by accident.
Surprisingly they didn't taste too good. 
Not surprisingly Julia felt sick and went 
a nasty shade of green.

3. MARCUS Meldrew went ON
and ON and ON about what a good cook he was
and how HIS biscuits were going to be the BEST ever. 
SHAME he forgot to take them out of the oven...
 They looked like small burnt smoking raisins.
In case you're wondering
here's how we made the (non burnt/salty)
nice biscuits...

Here's a Marmot eating a NICE biscuit.

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