Wednesday, 24 August 2011


THIS was the look on my 
face, when DELIA 
was nice to me today. 

At least I think she was nice to me, it's hard to tell. 
I try to avoid her if possible. 
(Unless I have sweets or 
something tasty to waft under her nose. 
Then I say.."Mmmm.. YUM none for you.")

But she took me COMPLETELY by surprise and gave me 
a copy of ROCKWEEKLY to read.

She said 
"Here... idiot, read this. You might learn something."

I was a bit shocked and slightly suspicious.
(I checked there was nothing nasty lurking inside 
the magazine.)
Delia saw me and added..
"Take it stupid, before I change my mind."

 So I did.

Sisterly love for me.
(But I still think she's up to something...)

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  1. bwa ha ha! i'm laghing so much i'm ALMOST crying! har har har!