Friday, 7 September 2012

More Doodle Fun stuff

I know I know... it's been AGES!
But, you'll be glad to know I've been VERY busy irritating Delia, drawing, doodling and generally getting more excellent ideas for all sorts of good stuff
which I'll be posting soon.

Back at school now, but managed to do this on the beach while I was on holiday.
I thought it was pretty good and I was just taking this picture when some kid came over and STEPPED right on my head. Which ruined it and was a bit annoying.

Dad said I was very good not to get CROSS about my sand face destruction. 
"You can build another one Tom" (Which was true).
Then he patted me on the head and said 

"That's my boy" 

in a really silly growly voice which was a bit unexpected and slightly alarming.

Mum told me that Dad was pretending to be the dog from the Tom And Jerry cartoons

like that was a perfectly reasonable explanation, (it's not).

Luckily, Tom and Jerry are a lot funnier than Dad's voice.

See what you think? ...

(This is from youtube.)