Monday, 12 November 2012

Excellent balancing tricks and popcorn.

I was round at Derek's house the other day watching a film, when his Mum gave us some POPCORN. (Which was a TREAT - YEAH!)

We ate loads of it then got REALLY thirsty (as you do).
So we went to get a drink of water from the kitchen.
Derek's dog Rooster was there and Derek wanted to show me a trick
he'd been trying to teach him.

(I'm not sure which part of "STAY" Rooster didn't understand?)

So we went back to watch the rest of the film - only to find Derek's DAD ASLEEP
on the sofa!

Derek suggested instead of watching the film - we should play the popcorn balancing game instead.

We managed to make a pretty impressive POPCORN TOWER in-between snores.
Ha! Ha!

I thought Mr Fingle was good at balancing stuff on his head... 
but this cat is a GENIUS.