Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Mum's bought loads of bananas.
I do like bananas but there are TONS of them.
So they don't start to go brown and mushy, i've been EXTRA creative and put some of them to good use.

Ha! Ha! 

Delia looking jolly. 

I gave this one to Delia - she wasn't impressed. POKE holes in the skin to make it
go black like this. It's like MAGIC!



  1. LOL that's so cool tots trying that for sure thxs for the idea your sooooo cool for sure!later^_^

  2. lol! really funny

  3. I wish I could do it!!
    it would turn me up-side-down!!!!!!

  4. es muy gracioso tom gates jejejej

  5. hello i speak spanish and i love your books they are very funnier than daily of Greg.I love you Liz pichon.
    PD:Im 11 years old.

  6. hey tom send me all of of your books ima massive fan of you! so is my friend ben

  7. Lol I want to try it with my brother :)

  8. hey liz can you send me and my friend all of your books we are your number 1 fans

    my address is: Brynmor Watson, 28 st agnes close, London E9 7HS

    my friends is: Oscar Bohm, 7 christ church square, London E9 7HU

    we love you :-)

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  10. How do you draw stuff on a banana???


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