Monday, 15 June 2009


My book of extemely good stuff...
I'm Tom Gates and this is my new 
BLOG where I get to chat about all kinds 
of interesting stuff. 
Very important things like...
1. What snacks will I take over to Derek's (my best mate and next door neighbour).
2. Why is Marcus Meldrew SO annoying? 
3. How does Mr Fullerman (my teacher) know EXACTLY what I'm doing in class even     though I am sneakily hiding behind my book and pretending to read?

THIS is exactly what it feels like when MR FULLERMAN STARES AT  YOU with his BIG BEADY EYES!!!

AGH!!! (I think Mr Fullerman is a robot.)


  1. This book is amazing! I'm so glad I bought it. I'm SO looking forward to read the second book. Hey, I've got an idea. Could you create another character by my name? That would be so cool! But I'm not forcing you. :)
    From your biggest fan,

  2. Thanks Jannah!
    Spread the Tom Gates word. Book two coming soon (September 1st.)
    Very excited... x

  3. No problem. I did spread the Tom Gates word. :) Everyone seems to love it. Thanks for telling the date. At that day, I'll go to the stores as fast as I could. x) I'm very excited too. xoxo

  4. ur awsum! i love ur book!

  5. I'm Watching you Tom! I cant wait for the next book to come out, ive read all of them 3 times!!! :D :P

  6. I love your books and I would love to put them on kindle so I can read them on my kindle cause I have no space on my bookshelf any more.

  7. I have made a blog called: Oakfield School Activities! Check it out!

  8. i love ur books! i am currently reading tom gates excellent excuses and it is da best. plz tell me that there are lots of books coming out!

  9. I love your books there awesome, I have just the whole collection. I have just finished excellent excuses. I one more book to go. Oh just to let you know I don't like Marcus even though I haven't met him before. I cant believe he cheated on the gold star award chart.

  10. I can not say how much i HATE Marcus Meldrew