Saturday, 9 April 2011

Annoying Delia...

I was doing some homework when something AMAZING happened.
Delia left her sunglasses on the table, right in front of me.
What was I supposed to do presented 
with such a FANTASTIC opportunity to annoy her?
The only thing I could... hide them. (It seemed rude not to.)

I told DELIA she had to play  "Hot And Cold" if she wanted to find her sunglasses. 
I managed to hide them in three different places before she went and got Mum who made me give them back. It was BRILLIANT!
 This could become a regular feature of my BLOG? 

Watch this space...
This is what Mr Fullerman will look like 
if I tell him I've forgotten to bring my home work in...again. 
So I better get on with it.